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Styling and Personal Shopper Services

Sophia Rosier offers stylist services online and in Southern Finland as face-to-face service. You may desire any kind of style, not only the style our brand represents. We have our idealism in high self-esteem - people feeling good about themselves. We want to serve you in the best possible way!

"Positive self-portrait is an important asset!

I enjoy helping my clients - being able to help makes me almost as happy as the person being helped!"


Sophia Rosier's philosophy focuses on appreciating yourself and others, enjoying yourself and life. This is also supported by all our styling services. We go through your wishes, your possible challenges and you will get detailed instructions and tips. It's reassuring to get confirmed and clear instructions of what pleases you and what doesn't.

You can choose weather you want to concentrate on your existing wardrobe and find new outfits from there or do you want to have a professional with you to go shopping. Either way, you will end up having


We may go looking for brands and / or visit the stores according to your wishes or I can recommend something new to you. With tips and hints learned from our meeting together with the written instructions, you can later make purchasing decisions much more confident about your choices and avoid unnecessary purchases.


The service pays off quickly!


STYLING CONSULTATION is done in full accordance with the customer's interests and wishes, and does not include any purchase obligation. You can also order a stylist for a company event or a party evening. Loading positive energy and self-confidence together! You can choose a service from our ready-made sample packages, or we can design the one that best serves you or your group.


The PERSONAL SHOPPER service is a real saviour if you are super busy and/or not enjoying shopping! I will take care of your style so that you can concentrate on your job or have more free time instead. 

When you want to dress well and make a good impression, but the schedule has no space for shopping or you just do not want to spend your spare time on it: we have a solution! We will meet and discuss your wishes, preferences, and the requirements that are set for your clothing and style. I want to take into account all the features you consider important and bring you added value to that. When you need new clothes and / or accessories (scarves, shoes, bags, belts, etc.) I will find alternatives for you. After that we will meet when and where it is easiest for you. You get to try on what works for you and what might not. If something needs to be changed or returned, I will take care of it.

GIFT CARD for indulgent dressing advice is a great gift for anyone!


CONTACT US to design your pampering moments:

tel. 045 66 67 477 or service@sophiarosier.com.

We look forward to discussing what kind of service suits your needs best! 

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