When rebuilding or improving your wardrobe, it is best to start by going through the treasures of your existing wardrobe together. Perhaps we can find forgotten treasures or at least combinations that you would never have imagined! Believe us, it always happens!


You do not always need to buy something new to refresh your style. This will also clarify what will you really need to buy next. Through the process, we learn from each other - I learn about you and what you like and you about how you can develop and strengthen your style - and enjoy yourself. High recommendation!


This service has become a success and I have received orders for courses and lectures about the topic! Contact us today!


Available in Sophia Rosier happenings and by ordering via e-mail service@sophiarosier.com or tel. 045 66 67 477 / Sofia



Any questions, please contact: service@sophiarosier.com (FIN/ENG)


New Outfits from the Treasures of Your Own Wardrobe

  • After the purchase, I will contact you shortly to set up the time for a meeting or if you prefer, you may contact me.


    Ostoksesi jälkeen, otan sinuun pian yhteyttä, jotta voimme sopia ajan tapaamiselle tai jos haluat, voit ottaa minuun yhteyttä.

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