Our Story

Celebrating Beauty and Style

Sophia Rosier has its idealism in high self-esteem - we want people to feel good about themselves, valuable and lovable. We strongly believe, that feeling good about yourself makes it easier to spread the good around you.


We are slowly building the clothing brand - now starting with luxurious scarves.

We also offer diverse set of styling services - let us help you bring the best out of you!


The enthusiasm to create an own brand arised from the studies and the work as a Stylist and from a need to have high quality, firm and classic, good looking knitwear.


This season Sophia Rosier offers sophisticated and elegant scarves

to be worn in business, city life or anywhere where wanting to look good - comfortably.

You may have a simple outfit and have it risen to the glorifying level with a beautiful scarf.


You are a Jewel.

For Self-Respecting Women.

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